Why NetSuite for Wholesale distribution?

Netsuite is the best cloud enterprise resource planning(erp) solution for wholesale distribution because it allows businesses to run on a single, unified platform. Also empowering and achieving fast-growing companies that want to accelerate your business.

NetSuite facilitates distributors with a 360-degree view of every part of your business in real-time so that you can make faster, better and more informed decisions. That's why it provides inventory management, e-commerce, full accounting, fulfillment and CRM.

If you need to progress your wholesale distribution business , the software built for the cloud is the right way


It provides companies with the tools they need to innovate. Today, consumers not only want fast or free shipping, so it is necessary to offer more facilities such as giving them the option to buy products however and wherever they want. The key is delivering a truly omnichannel process , to achieve that level the product will be shipped for free within a day or two. It will be accurate, complete, damage-free, easily returned, and competitively priced.

Your wholesale distribution needs Netsuite , managing every part of your business through a very useful platform.


You need to keep up with changes in technology, so try to connect with online customers using your e-commerce creating advertisements , by email or phone , including in person to exceed your expectations.


Netsuite gives the possibility of creating your own business rules with SuiteFlow. SuiteFlow is a user-friendly interface for creating and executing unique requirements with the automation you need, In NetSuite SuiteFlow is also known as “Workflows”, is useful to customize the system functionality.

There are many ways to optimize your wholesale distribution, for example:

Prioritize e-commerce for your sales

Actually buyers are increasingly focused on technology , they look for websites that don't give problems when buying, that are fast and effective, in this way you can transform your e-commerce into the main way for your sales.

Prove that your site is trustworthy

Customers appreciate credible content that helps them make decisions. If you provide this type of content, they are more likely to buy your products.

Keep the attention of your customers

Always keep your site updated, the customer must feel that it is an active site which motivates him to enter repeatedly to get more information or see new products.


Modernize the way you reach and interact with your customers by providing instant access to your product information through e-commerce.


Deliver products on time and within budget while minimizing shipping costs.


Accept, manage and track customer orders as they prefer. from the phone, online, offline, direct sales and more.

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