Why netsuite for Transportation and Logistics?

Cloud technology is considered the most disruptive technological innovation of the last decades, with impact in almost every industry, however the transportation and logistics services had failed to embrace cloud servicing.

That was until Netsuite cloud services arrived to be a game changer and become the greatest ally in transportation and logistics technology. Businesses are still engaged with the traditional model but with Netsuite tools manual data entries and broken chain of monitoring are just a thing of the past.

Advancements in technology and changes in the way goods and services are bought and sold demands up-to-date ways of approach:


Netsuite provides nowadays solutions for global marketing transportation and logistics, to become more competitive in the field and get rid of outdated technologies and workflows. Without the need to struggle against large investments, NetSuite ensures continuity and business growth year after year.


With business growth comes complexity and very often transportation services are forced to rely upon spreadsheets for their accounting systems. NetSuite cloud service will gave you the power to streamline your most critical business processes and operations, accelerating financial books consolidation with an all-in-one tool that standardizes processes worldwide allowing you to focus on innovation rather than maintaining software and hardware.

Modern Logistics

Customers today not only want fast shipping, free shipping or ready product availability, they want it anywhere around the globe, that's the reason behind Netsuite’s worldwide functionality. Empowering global business with multi-currencies, multi-languages, real-time inventory tracking and process automation.

Certain and Secure

Accounting registry and books closed with certainty and precision, trusting cloud services compliance with the latest accounting standards

Real-time reporting and business intelligence

Shipment tracking status in real time, meaning decisions can be made faster and safer, rather than waiting days for a response. Customized dashboard provides instant updates for the management, supervisors and delivery related associates anywhere in the world

Cloud-based system

CMoney saved with Netsuite’s cloud bases system that doesn’t require IT and maintenance workforce and saves unproductive time of waiting responses with instant updates and feedback, meaning quicker response to customer requests.

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