Why Netsuite for Retail?

Netsuite Omnichannel platform allows you to focus your retail business around your customers, making your brand stand out, all through a sole platform software solution.

Netsuite offers cloud-based solutions for retailers large and small because it has everything you need to configure, customize and run a successful retail business, delivering substantial and tangible results.

You can improve and unify your physical or digital shopping experience. Only by using your mobile device can you boost your sales, and also involve your customers.


Provide seamless and unified shopping experience.

Retailers must move beyond the standalone systems of the past and achieve customer, order, and business integration. Netsuite enables retailers to meet the demands of their customers by managing their entire business unified with a single cloud system, providing e-commerce, POS, and order management with back office systems.


Adapt to modern changes.

Netsuite's cloud-based and mobile-ready solutions enable retailers to innovate and focus on increasing profits by meeting their customers' needs and avoiding traditional hardware and software complexities.

We say adaptation since the business must be prepared for new challenges, because buyers and the industry constantly impose changes, netsuite responds to this with real-time information on inventories, sales and finances among others.


Achieve a long lasting relationship with customers.

To drive the growth of your company, it is necessary to build customer loyalty, demonstrating that their shopping experiences will be attractive and personalized, with a holistic view of products and orders, you can connect and understand them.

In-store POS

It’s a modern point of sale solution that allows you to streamline and accelerate the transaction process.


Seamlessly connect e-commerce with your operational trading systems with a single platform. Deliver a powered experience to any device with responsive web design.

CRM and Marketing

Get a competitive advantage with your brand ,putting your customers at the center of your business delivering personalized service.

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