Enterprise Resource Planning

What is ERP?

The Enterprise Resource Planning makes reference to the software in charge of managing and assisting the daily activities of an organization. The different areas are linked together according to the particular needs and processes existing within the company (such as Accounting, HR, Supply Chain, Compliance, etc.).

ERP systems are designed around a basic data structure that typically has a common database. It’s designed this way in order to normalize the information throughout the organization. From this base, the business processes for the company´s sections are set and managed by a set of workflows, integrating the people and resources in an efficient and traceable way. This ensures that no disconnection or missing pieces are encountered during the regular operations. It also allows for an optimized management of time and resources, since the overall risk is reduced and the operational costs are brought to a minimum.

Netsuite Verticals

Financial Services

Get total control of your processes with the best business software available. Quickly adapt to the regulatory changes of the market and manage risk by tracking performance in real time scenarios.

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Transportation and Logistics

State of the art logistics needs are increasingly demanding in terms of finding a solution capable of keeping up with the pace. Netsuite cloud financials is the best tool to be found today.

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Wholesale Distribution

Supply chain portals are available for vendors to rely on, also allowing for rules setting to be adaptable to any requirement. Keep contact with your customers through the most advanced omnichannel ecommerce.

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Manage the whole manufacturing process of your organization with the best and most complete solution on the market.

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Netsuite Omnichannel platform allows you to focus your retail business on your customers, making your brand stand out through a sole platform software solution.

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Software/Internet Companies

No other cloud based platform would allow for a more scalable and flexible solution to manage the day-to-day needs of software companies.

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More Netsuite Verticals


Effectively manage your ERP tasks to balance your Professional services, allowing you to focus on the profitable side of your business.

Professional Services

Netsuite is the most successful platform for Professional Services Providers and offers solutions for organizations of all sizes and needs.

Healthcare and Life Sciences

Get your business in the frontline of innovation with the most complete omnichannel solution.

Media and Publishing

Manage campaigns and evaluate results immediately with the fastest cloud based solution.

Restaurants and Hospitality

Point of sales integration and franchise management to optimize the profitability of your business.

Campus Stores

Top solution for bookstores management, based on a unified multi-channel e-commerce experience. Get a full grip on your inventory management needs and merchandising opportunities.

Health and Beauty

A cloud based platform will allow you to be one step ahead in your business.


Organize resources and easily manage a great deal of information, all under one system. Speed up the decision making processes by relying on customizable reports.

Apparel, Footwear and Accessories

Worldwide brands and resellers all live within the Netsuite environment. Have all your processes under a single platform to enable additional channels of sales.


Exclusive nonprofit program for organizations of all sizes (Suite Donation and Suite Pro Bono).

IT Services

Focus your talent on the services solutions and don’t worry about the administrative side of business.


Grow by applying the edgier cloud ERP in the market. Be up to speed with the market changing requirements by easily keeping track of your processes.

Advertising and Digital Marketing

Manage projects and integrate your workflows by keeping your creative drive. Keep track of traffic and allow your teams to collaborate in real time using Netsuite resource management tools.

Food and Beverage

Supply chain portals are available for vendors to rely on, also allowing for rules setting to be adaptable to any requirement. Keep in contact with your customers through the most advanced omnichannel ecommerce.